Are You Using Facebook The Right Way?

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Are you struggling to find leads on Facebook? Have you been consistently using Facebook for business and it is getting you nowhere?

If you aren’t generating leads, you are not making money and chances are you are going to end up quitting.

I know you don’t want that to happen, because I know how you feel.

When I first started in network marketing I was 19. I was beyond excited for this new opportunity and very happy I could be a stay at home mom.

I went straight to my Facebook page to let all my friends and followers know I was now a xxx rep.

Every day I would message friends, send them a link to my company website, clog up everyone’s newsfeed with pictures of my products, and it got me NOWHERE!

I made a few sales here and there, and convinced some of my friends to join me in the biz, but after a few months I had spent more money than I made.

I felt defeated and soon lost hope in the whole business. I lost my confidence, was embarrassed and felt like a failure.

I chopped other people’s success in network marketing up to luck, and I threw in the towel accepting I wasn’t one of the lucky ones. 

Years later I discovered why others were more successful than me and it had nothing to do with luck. After studying the top income earners across several network marketing companies, I found they all had four things in common.

  1. They weren’t leaving links straight to their company site
  2. They weren’t posting pictures of their products all over their fb pages.
  3. They were educating their friends and followers and providing valuable information on their pages.
  4. They all had a strategic posting formula they were using to attract people to them.

WHY were they doing this?!

How would anyone know where to buy their stuff, much less what they were selling?

Number  1. If you leave a link straight to your company site, you have no record of who clicked over to browse your site and why they left without buying. This leaves you no way to follow up with a potential customer or biz partner.

Number 2. By posting pictures of your products and leaving links to your company site, people are going to go google your company name, and chances are they will read a bad review and not buy your products or join you in business. You want them coming to you, so YOU can educate them and walk them through their objections.

Number 3. Why Educate? By educating our followers through  content like articles, infographics, videos, etc. we are raising awareness of a problem our products can solve. We are priming them to want to buy our products, because they provide solutions to these problems. Here are some examples below.


Rachael RoseFB_ex2

Number 4. The strategic posting formula! After asking tons of successful social media Network Marketers about a posting strategy, they all agree on this one fact. You must post 90% value based content and ONLY 10% of your posts should be a sales or business pitch.

Depending on how many times a day you post (should be at least 3x/day), this equates to maybe 1 or 2 posts a week that directly invite someone to take a look at what products you are using and/or how you are earning an extra income.

(In my FREE 5 Step FB Road Map at the bottom of this post, I go in detail about this strategic posting formula.)

Has your mouth hit the floor yet?! How in the world does this work?

I know this concept might seem foreign to you right now. BUT…..

I want you to take a minute and really think about what you are doing right now on Facebook.

Is what you are doing right now working for you?

Are you CONSISTENTLY beating your numbers from the week before or are they staying the same?

If you are using Facebook, like I used to, I already know the answer, and you do too.

It is okay though! The great thing about the internet is you can always start over!

When you lead with value and when you share valuable information with people, they are attracted to you! This is called attraction marketing.

When I started following these leaders and applying attraction marketing to my business, I started to have success in my network marketing company!!

I have people coming to ME asking ME questions, buying MY products, and joining ME in business!!

It feels fantastic! I want to help YOU succeed too!

IF you are really SERIOUS about becoming a network marketing professional, and are 100% dedicated to climbing the ladder of success in your home based business, you must watch this video. It changed my life.

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